Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall

It was a soft day to begin, drizzly and mizzly, so we zipped up the tent and sought shelter and solace in a mug of tea at the Port William pub perched above Trebarwith Strand. The pub and beach are favourites of ours, we once left London at eight in the morning and by lunchtime we were enjoying a pint of cider here, smug about our decision to make an early start on our long journey to north Cornwall.

Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall, a great place for a seaside staycation.
Trebarwith Strand. Photo: Siobhan Starrs

After an early lunch the clouds retreated revealing blue skies and golden sand amongst the barnacle and mussel covered rocks. To the left a perfect turquoise pool, just right for kids, sparkling in the sun. We found a large flat stone at the waters edge, to claim as our own. Lifeguards were chilling on a boulder, the coolest kids on the beach, a reassuring presence nonetheless. A group of children  tried standing on body boards, exhibiting impressive balance that would make a yogi jealous.

I decided to fetch the inflatable dolphin from the car, so Kitty could play on it in the enticing rock pool, where she was paddling with Daddy.  It turned out to be a terrible idea. In the half an hour it took to fetch and inflate the blue monster, I returned to a different beach or rather a rocky shore line, as the tide surged swiftly in.

As waves crashed towards the beach, surfers and body boarders greeted them, whilst we retreated to the rocks to watch.

Matt and Kitty at Trebarwith Strand. Photo: Siobhan Starrs. A beach staycation in Cornwall.
Matt and Kitty at Trebarwith Strand. Photo: Siobhan Starrs

Seasoned beach goers seem to smirk from the higher ledges, claimed early in the day. Not long after we retreated to the car as the sea reclaimed the beach and the mussels were immersed by the briny waters. An all too brief glimpse of sea side perfection. Next time we will check the tide timetable more closely.

Here’s the location for Trebarwith Strand.  Please note it gets busy in the summer, so arrive early to get a space in the car park and check the tide timetable as it is very easy to get caught unawares.

I hope you enjoyed my staycation inspiration. You might also enjoy this post detailing      Ten reasons Cornwall is a great place for a staycation.  What are your tips for a staycation in Cornwall ? I would love to hear from you. #staycationinspiration.

I have linked this post to #mondayescapes hosted by Karen at Mini Travellers, Lisa at Travel Loving Family, Sarah at Extraordinary Chaos and Claire at Tin Box Traveller.

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  1. Oh this sounds so amazing. I love hearing water on the beach with the waves /tides coming in and out. What a beautiful snap too. Cornwall sounds lovely only ever drove through it but someday a revisit is in order. #mondayescapes


  2. Ah a shame you never got to use the dolphin but it looks such a lovely beach to visit, thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes x


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