LEGO Brick Wonders


LEGO Brick Wonders – Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton :  July 22 – September 3

Lego 13

LEGO Brick Wonders is a special exhibition at Luton’s Stockwood Discovery Centre running over the summer holidays, curated by artist Warren Elsmore.

From wonders of the ancient world to modern marvels this event will appeal to the ‘master builder’ in your household.

At the entrance you can pick up a quiz that encourages children to really look at the detail of the scenes recreated in LEGO, counting the number of workers building the pyramid for example, or reading the information signs that accompany the works.

LEGO Brick Wonders at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Things to do with kids this summer. Luton
Photo credit : Warren Elsmore

Kitty had to be dragged away from the play tables where kids could make their own LEGO creations. The art work of previous visitors was displayed on the wall and many children had chosen to write their name in LEGO. I like Leo’s rainbow a lot.

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Next Kitty made a bee line for the airport which was the star attraction in the centre of the exhibition space. The terminal was full of LEGO characters waiting in line at security or relaxing in the airport lounge.

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I liked the Aurora Australis and South Pole expedition display. Other highlights include Old London Bridge complete with pub, knights and horses and an African savannah featuring Duplo elephants and giraffes, plus tiny parrots and monkeys hiding in the trees.

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However there were no museum personnel inside the exhibition and despite the ‘do not touch signs’, some of the exhibits were showing signs of wear and tear.

To be honest I am not really a LEGO fan and Kitty was more interested in making her own creations than admiring the works of others. But there are many many people who think LEGO is AWESOME and no doubt LEGO fans young and old will be entralled with Warren Elsmore’s ‘LEGO Brick Wonders’.

Price : Tickets £3/£4.

Location : Stockwood Park, London Rd, Luton LU1 4LX

Event Website : LEGO Brick Wonders

If you visit LEGO Brick Wonders this summer, I would love to hear from you. I am looking forward to reading your stories and tips. Happy staycation !

DISCLAIMER : We received free tickets for the purpose of this review, and the honestly held opinions are my own.

Please check prices and opening times with your chosen venue before setting out. This guide is just for inspiration and dates and prices shown just for guidance. The prices were correct on the date on publication. The Staycationer accepts no responsibility for changes in prices or events. 

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